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  Biotechnology continues to occupy a growing place in industrialized countries. This place is mainly due to the importance it occupies in the fields of Agriculture, Food, Environment and Health. This obviously makes more urgent the need for developing countries, for which these areas are vital, to acquire the necessary skills to master this technology.
Tunisia has taken this step by implementing a Biotechnological plan. This plan materialized, among others, by the creation of the Center of Biotechnology of Sfax (CBS).
The CBS has been created by decree n ° 83-1037 of November 4, 1983, reorganizing the National Institute for Scientific and Technical Research. Since January 1989, the CBS has become an independent institution whose budget is attached by order to the state budget.
In January 2010, the CBS status has changed passing from a Public Establishment of an Administrative Character "EPA" to a Public Establishment of Scientific and Technological Character "EPST".
The CBS is currently structured into 6 Research Laboratories and 5 Specialized Units in accordance with the 2019-2022 Program Contract:
• LR19CBS01: Laboratory of Environmental Bioprocesses (LBPE)
• LR19CBS02: Laboratory of Molecular Biotechnology of Eukaryotes (LBME)
• LR19CBS03: Laboratory of Biotechnology and Plant Breeding (LBAP)
• LR19CBS04: Biopesticides Laboratory (LB)
• LR19CBS05: Laboratory of Microbial and Enzymatic Biotechnologies and Biomolecules (LBMEB)
• LR19CBS06: Molecular and Cellular Screening Process Laboratory (LPCMC)
• US19CBS0: Specialized Unit: Technology Transfer (USTT)
• US19CBS02: Specialized Unit: Development of Biotechnology Processes for Research Results (USDPBRR)
• US19CBS03: Analytical Services Provider Unit (UPSA)
• US19CBS04: Specialized Unit: Quality, Safety, Environment and Accreditation (USQSE-Accreditation)
• US19CBS05: Scientific Information and Documentation Unit (UIDS)
Various other decrees and orders brought the CBS to its current structure:
- Law No. 88-145 of December 31, 1988 on the 1989 finance law, art 119.
- Decree N ° 98-2411 of November 30, 1998 organizing the Center of Biotechnology of Sfax.
- Decree of the Prime Minister of December 10, 1998 creating research laboratories within the Center of Biotechnology of Sfax.
-Order of the Minister of Scientific Research and Technology of December 19, 2001 on the creation, composition and roles of the Board of Directors and of the Scientific Council of the Center of Biotechnology of Sfax
-Decree 2010-3483 of December 21, 2010 transforming the character of two public scientific research establishments.
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