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  Brini F, Saibi W, Hanin M, Amara I, Gargouri A, Masmoudi K (2009) DHN-5, une déhydrine de blé ayant un effet sur l’activité et la thermostabilité de la β-glucosidase fongique (bglG) et de la glucose oxydase commerciale (GOD). INNORPI Patent N° TN2009/0463.
Ben Saad R, Zouari N, Ben Ramdhan W, Azaza J, Hassairi A (2008) A method for “in embryo” transformation with Agrobacterium of wheat and production of transgenic fertile plants over-expressing the AlSAP gene, isolated from the halophyte grass "A. littoralis", for improvement of abiotic stress tolerance” INNORPI Patent N° SN08356.
Khoudi H, Nouri-Khemakhem A, Sayar R, Brini F, Masmoudi K (2007) Methods of regeneration and genetic transformation of durum wheat genotypes adapted to North Africa and Middle East conditions. INNORPI Patent N° SN07060.


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