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Presentation of the incubator

The Business Incubator (BI) of the Centre of Biotechnology of Sfax (CBS) offers accommodation and professional support to newly created companies. It increases their chances of success and helps them become active members in the business community.
The incubator has a covered area of 1000 m2 and can currently host 7 start-ups. It offers appropriate practical support and a variety of individual and group services to maximize their chances of success. It also offers professional mentoring and appropriate facilities, enabling them to improve their business plan and gather the necessary resources to accelerate their growth.


The Business Incubator operates as a specialized service at CBS. It is managed by a Steering Committee responsible for:
- Defining of the strategic directions and objectives of the incubator,

- Coordinating the orientation activities of the incubator and its potential supporters in the region,
- Providing assistance in public relations and support in the incubator,

- Ensuring the attainment of objectives in the short and medium terms and establishing coherence between those objectives and the operational management of the incubator,

- Selecting and evaluating projects that can be hosted at the incubator.
Composition of the Steering Committee:
Committee Chair: General Director of the Centre of Biotechnology of Sfax.
Mohamed kerkeni
General Director of Research Valorisation
Lotfi Ben Arab
Regional Director APII Sfax
Ikram Makni
Regional Director of the business center of Sfax
Mohamed Bel haj
CUIES University of Sfax
Mohamed Abid
Espace Entreprendre, Sfax Office
Mohsen Zouari
Business Engineering
Hajer Makni
Quality Director, SIMED
Slim Tounsi
Plant Molecular Genetics Laboratory
Lotfi Mallouli
Laboratory of Microorganisms and Biomolecules
Noomen Hadj Taeib
Laboratory of Biomass Valorisation and production of proteins in eukaryotes
Abdelhafidh Dhouib
Environmental Bioprocess Laboratory 
Mounir Bouattour
Service of maintenance
Ilem Hassairi
Valorization of research Results unit
Hafedh Belguith
Analysis Platform
Nadia Kchaou Daoud
Incubator Manager

Targeted Population

- Researchers and engineers from CBS
- New graduates in biotechnology
- Holders of vocational training in entrepreneurship
Procedures for joining the incubator:

To join the incubator and apply for its support, companies should follow the following steps:
1) The promoter should contact the Incubator Manager,
2) The agent in charge of hosting would interview the designer to evaluate the business creation proposal. The latter will gain insights on the elements required to create his/her dossier,
3) Meeting the Steering Committee for the diagnosis and evaluation of the project (acceptance, adjustment, rejection)
4) Validation of the project by the Steering Committee,
5) Signature of a service provision agreement with the incubator,
 6) Assign a location.