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Microbial Biotechnology and Enzyme Engineering >> Socio Economical Impact

The major aim of the three projects is to propose for the socio-economic sector some performing strains and / or enzymes useful for targeted applications, including the biological fight against the fireblight of pear. The intestinal metagenome of the dromedary camel consists in a significant amount of non-cultivable bacteria whose exploration could open promising opportunities for the discovery of new, efficient and cost-effective enzymes (new sequences, structures, and properties) of interest for both fundamental and applied aspects. In addition, we aim to offer high-performance enzymes, a platform for enzyme production and formulation, and blueprints for their commercialization and industrial application, which could extend to the valorization of some by-products. This will help and encourage the economic sector to take advantages from recent advances in biotechnology, develop strategies for adaptation, and improve competitiveness. The production of these enzymes could help reduce enzyme imports and alleviate national economic deficits. This will also make society, in general, gain stronger belief in the utility of the local scientific research community and its efforts.