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 Laboratory of Biopesticides
Acronym: LB
Code: LR10CBS02
Laboratory Head: Prof. Slim TOUNSI

 Established since 1992, the Laboratory of Biopesticides is a multidisciplinary laboratory whose vocation is the innovative research. The main purpose of this laboratory is the development of new biological pesticides, respecting human health and the environment, and used in the eradication of plant pathogens (insects, fungi and bacteria) and disease-carrying mosquitoes. Using its expertise, the laboratory offers several services. While being open on its external environment, the laboratory has several national and international collaborations aiming to carry out efficiently its role in technology transfer.
The laboratory's objectives are:
  • Carry out the necessary steps of research and development leading to the marketing of the most promising biopesticides (effective against plant and respectful of the environment and human health) for agricultural systems.
  • Select biopesticides (microorganisms or natural products) which are most likely to be marketed.
  • Make laboratory studies necessary to achieve requirements of homologation of the selected products. The studies will if necessary include: ​​a) the scaling of the mass production of the product; b) the product formulation; c) the understanding of product mode of action; d) the product compatibility to the conventional crop protection products used in agricultural systems selected for testing.
  • Compare the effectiveness of biopesticides with conventional systems (pesticides) and between biopesticides selected tackling the same pest problem.