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Laboratory of Biopesticides >> Research projects
 Project 1: Study and production of bioinsecticides from microbes and plants
Head: Prof. Slim TOUNSI

  • The main objective of this project is the development of Bioinsecticides of microbial and / or vegetal origin, respecting the environment and health, suitable to each problem of plant pests and pathogens. In this project we plan to address key weaknesses B. thuringiensis based bioinsecticides namely their low persistence in the environment following their spraying or during storage and its cost which is relatively high. The development of mixed formulations "B. thuringiensis-Plant extracts" is envisaged.
Project 2: Study and production of biofungicides from microbes and plants
Head: Dr. Kais JAMOUSSI

  • This project involves the development of microbial and / or vegetal biofungicides via searching new biomolecules having antifungal activity. Besides fungi eradication, they can be used the promotion of plant growth. They will replace chemical fungicides used preventively and curatively against fungal diseases of wheat, apple and tomato.
Project 3: Study and production of bactericides from microbes and plants
Head: Dr. Olfa FRIKHA and Prof. Slim TOUNSI

  • This project is an exploratory work on plant extracts and / or microbial strains, a new type of product for plant protection against the major bacterial diseases of plants for which there is no alternative solution suitable and / or compatible with organic production. This main objective of this project is to contribute to the improvement of the scientific and technical knowledge on the interest and the manner of the use of plant extracts and microbial strains in plant protection.