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Research activities
UVRR's activities are divided into three main areas:
  • Pilot scale extrapolation of research projects developed by different CBS laboratories:
- Support researchers in mastering and using different technologies: fermentation, separation, and packaging … ;
- Assist CBS laboratories in achieving their research activities;
- Pickup, scale-up experiments, production, separation and conditioning for the development of bioprocesses.
  • Development and transfer of new processes and bioproducts for improving prickly pear products.
- Development of a membrane technology process combined with enzymes for clarification, enrichment, improvement or development of new Cactus products.
- Development of clean technologies for the recovery of Cactus co-products (seed meal, pulp etc.).
  • Technology exploitation and transfer of active biomolecules in food products.
- Production and transfer of active bioproducts for a possible industrial application / use.