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Laboratory of Microorganisms and Biomolecules
Acronym : LMB
Code : LR02CBS05
Responsible: Prof. Lotfi  MELLOULI

Globally, the aim of the research activities performed in LMB is to use selected microorganisms and their primary and secondary metabolites, as well as the essential oil and bioactive extracts of some endemic plants in animal nutrition, pharmaceutical and agriculture domains and food biopreservation.
The researchers and the technical staff involved in these research works possess a higher experience in the various aspects of biotechnology. This experience was acquired during the last program contracts since the laboratories structure creation in 1998. LMB researcher team is multidisciplinary, complementary and highly qualified in several aspects such as:

  • Isolation, selection, identification and classification of microorganisms
  • Optimization of culture conditions for enzymes and biomolecules production
  • Production, extraction, purification and chemical structure characterization of secondary active metabolites from microorganisms and plants
  • Production, purification and characterization of enzymes. Homolgous, heterologous and over expression of corresponding genes and improvement of physicochemical characteristics of the studied enzymes by production of efficient mutants
  •  In vitro and in vivo assays of microorganisms, enzymes and biomolecules. Industrial scale extrapolation and application in field
  •  Control of fermentations and bioprocess techniques
  • Detection, analysis and manipulation of biosynthetic pathways of primary and secondary active metabolites of  selected  microorganisms