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Microorganismes and Biomolecules >> Research Projects

    Project 1: Biomolecules for industrial and agricultural applications
    Responsible Pr. Lotfi MELLOULI

    • New bioactive products: antibiotics, antifungal, antitumor, antioxidants, anticholinesterase, bacteriocins, which can be used in industrial and agriculture domains
    •  Engineering of biosynthetic pathways of active secondary metabolites from selected Streptomyces for new hybrid active compounds production by combinatorial biosynthesis.

    Project 2: Enzymes and probiotics for application in animal nutrition and health
    Responsible: Pr. Hichem CHOUAYEKH

    • Screening, characterization, and over-expression of phytases and ß-mannanases from Bacillus strains
    • Characterization and evaluation of phytate and mannan-degrading Bacillus strains that can be administered as probiotics to broiler chickens

    Project 3: Production and formulation of bacterial biofilms in food products
    Responsible: Dr. Riadh BEN SALAH (M.C)

    • Incorporation of Lactobacilli strains with good probiotic properties in fresh and fermented meat products
    • The incorporations include: microencapsulation in alginate, alginate coated-chitosan a simple microencapsulation (water in oil) and  double (water in oil in water) emulsions


    Project 4: Agroressources valuation using microbial way
    Responsible: Pr. Radhouane KAMMOUN

    • Use of agroressources as a renewable natural resource and energy for the production of interesting biological compounds (enzymes, amino acids, etc )
    • Fermentation in semi solid medium (SSF) of agricultural resources to produce additives that can be used in animal feed or as biofertilizers.