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Microorganismes and Biomolecules >> Socio Economical Impact

The success of the four research projects of this program contract LMB-CBS-2015-2018, will generate several positive impacts
  • In medicine, new antimicrobial agents to combat the alarming problem of resistance of pathogenic microorganisms
  • In agriculture, substitution of chemical fungicides by natural compounds
  • Food safety and conservation, replacement of chemical additives in foods by natural products such as “bacteriocins” and incorporation of Lactobacilli strains with good probiotic properties, in the form of biofilms, in fresh and fermented meat products
  • Animal nutrition, use of probiotics and their enzymes (phytases, ß-mannanases, ß-glucanases, xylanases, etc) as alternative to antibiotic growth promoters. Probiotics are living, non-pathogenic microorganisms and exert beneficial influence on the health and physiology of the host and overall progression in animal growth and performance
  • Use of agroressources as a renewable natural resource and energy for the production of interesting biological compounds that can be used in animal feed and as biofertilizers
  • Students (PhD, Masters and PFE) formation and establishment of relations with national and international industrials and scientifics.