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Environmental Bioprocess Laboratory >> Research Projects
Project 1: Treatment and recovery of wastes
Head: Prof. Sami Sayadi.
  • Treatment of olive mill waste waters and other wastes for the production of biogas.
  • Biotechnological treatment of textile effluents, pharmaceuticals, and other industrial pollutants.
  • Wastewater treatment in membrane Bioreactors / Microbial Ecology.
Project 2: Bioremediation: Biodegradation of hydrocarbons, production of biosurfactants and microbial biodiversity
Head: Prof. Mohamed Chamkha.
  • Study of microbial biodiversity and its dynamics.
  • Selection of hyper-producing strains biosurfactants.
  • Bioremediation in situ.
Project 3: Biomass production and molecules of interest and removal of pollutants from microalgae cultures
Head: Prof. Abdelhafidh Dhouib.
  • Optimization of culture conditions for microalgae biomass production, pollution control and production of molecules of interest.

Project 4: Study of anaerobic digestion for the treatment and energy recovery from solid organic wastes
Leader: Dr. Sonia Khoufi, Prof. Sami Sayadi
  • Development of anaerobic co-digestion of solid wastes : Dry methanisation of Domestic organic wastes, Activated sludges, Macro-algae ..etc 
Project 5: Environmental Risk Assessment and Valuation of bioresources
Head: Dr. Zouhaier Bouallagui, Prof. sami Sayadi
  • Evaluation and promotion of cell toxicity Methods.
  • Evaluation of the endocrine disruptive tests
  • Study of molecules of interest recovered from by-products