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Laboratory of Biotechnology and Plant Improvement
Acronym: LBAP
Code: LR152015cbs03
Responsible: Dr. Faiçal BRINI
The Laboratory of Biotechnology and Plant Improvement has for objective to develop new varieties of cereals in order to improve their tolerance to environmental conditions, as well as their quality and industry profitability. Our laboratory aims at the identification and at the functional characterization of genes involved in abiotic stress tolerance. This objective can be achieved only after a good knowledge of the genetic determinants responsible for tolerance to various stresses.These include the responsible components of the perception of stress and those who transmit the signal to the transcription factorsthat regulate the genetic expression of specific effectors to every type of stress. This approach is multidisciplinary and based on bioinformatics, molecular, biochemical tools and transgenese.
Also our laboratory is interested in development of applied aspects and this is by identifying and valuing macromolecules associated with stress in cereals.Indeed, an increasing interest developed during these last years for certain proteins possessing a biological activity (antimicrobial, antifungal, anticancer ...).Some of these proteins have interesting technological properties.The rise of these proteins as functional ingredient involves not only the inventory of their potential, but also their inclusion in the varietal creation in cereals.These research activities help to establish within our structure expertise in the field of plant biotechnology and genetic improvement of plants to abiotic stressesand contribute to the progression of knowledge in this domain, as it is certified in its scientific production.
The collaboration with national and international partners allows the laboratory to provide new tools and ensuring technological development through the import of new advanced biotechnological techniques.