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Biotechnology and Plant Improvement >> Research Projects
During the period 2015-2018, the Laboratory of Biotechnology and Plant Improvement has set the following research areas:
Project 1:Candidate genes tolerance for abiotic stress: Isolation, pyramiding and expression in plants of economic interest (Responsible: Dr. Habib Khoudi).
  • The project objectives will be to identify new candidate genes from durum wheat and Aleuropus littoralis and their individual or combined expressions to produce economic plants (wheat, tomato) more tolerant to environmental stress.
Project 2: Signalling pathways and tolerance to stresses in plants (Responsible: Pr. Moez Hanin).
  • The objectives of this project will be the study of the role of the 'key' regulators of the ways of answer in stress biotics and abiotics (salinity, drought and deficiency in phosphor).
Project 3: Evaluation of potentialities (tolerance to abiotic stresses and quality) of Tunisian durum wheat varieties and development of molecular markers for varietal improvement of durum wheat (Responsible: Dr. Monther Mejri et Dr. Inès Yakoubi).
  • The objectives of this project are the characterization of a collection of durum wheat representative of Tunisian "germplasm" from agronomic, morpho-physiological, molecular viewpoint and also the evaluation of its physicochemical and technological potentialities and valuation of certain varieties / landraces of durum wheat, isolated for some time because of their low yields.
Project 4: Exploration and valuation of macromolecules associated with stress in cereals (Responsible: Dr. Faiçal Brini).
  •  The objective of this project would be the exploration and valuation of certain macromolecules stress and phenolic compounds with high value added and with functional and biological properties for biotechnological applications well studied and carefully targeted.