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Laboratory of Biopesticides >> Collaborative projects
  • Project I: entitled "Sustainable Tomato Production: plant defense enhancement, development of new biopesticides and optimization of environmental, water and chemical inputs (2016-2019)". PI: Noureddine Allouche
Name of the donor: ARIMNet 2
  • Project II: entitled “DEVELOPMENT OF BIOLOGICAL CONTROL STRATEGIES BASED ON Bacillus thuringiensis (2016-2018)”. PI: Slim TOUNSI
Name of donor: TUN-GER Cooperation
  • Project III: entitled “Development of biological control strategies to protect apple and pear against fire blight (2016-2017)”. PI: Olfa Frikha
Name of donor: TWAS
  • Project IV: entitled “IPM 4 Citrus”. (2017-2020). PI Souad Rouis
Name of Donor: H2020.