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Ben Hsouna, A., R. Ben Saad, W. Dhifi, W. Mnif and F. Brini (2021). Novel non-specific lipid-transfer protein (TdLTP4) isolated from durum wheat: Antimicrobial activities and anti-inflammatory properties in lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-stimulated RAW 264.7 macrophages. Microbial Pathogenesis 154: 8.
Djemal, R. and H. Khoudi (2021). The barley SHN1-type transcription factor HvSHN1 imparts heat, drought and salt tolerances in transgenic tobacco. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 164: 44-53.
Djemal, R. and H. Khoudi (2021). The ethylene-responsive transcription factor of durum wheat, TdSHN1, confers cadmium, copper, and zinc tolerance to yeast and transgenic tobacco plants. Protoplasma: 13.
Ghorbel, M., F. Brini, A. Sharma and M. Landi (2021). Role of jasmonic acid in plants: the molecular point of view. Plant Cell Reports 40(8): 1471-1494.
Ghorbel, M., I. Zribi, K. Missaoui, M. Drira-Fakhfekh, B. Azzouzi and F. Brini (2021). Differential regulation of the durum wheat Pathogenesis-related protein (PR1) by Calmodulin TdCaM1.3 protein. Molecular Biology Reports 48(1): 347-362.
Harbaoui, M., W. Ben Romdhane, A. Ben Hsouna, F. Brini and R. Ben Saad (2021). The durum wheat annexin, TdAnn6, improves salt and osmotic stress tolerance in Arabidopsis via modulation of antioxidant machinery. Protoplasma 258(5): 1047-1059.
Khoudi, H. (2021). Significance of vacuolar proton pumps and metal/H+ antiporters in plant heavy metal tolerance. Physiologia Plantarum 173(1): 384-393.
Kim, S. H., D. Y. Kim, I. Yacoubi and Y. W. Seo (2021). Development of single-nucleotide polymorphism markers of salinity tolerance for Tunisian durum wheat using RNA sequencing. Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica Section B-Soil and Plant Science 71(1): 28-44.
Mergby, D., M. Hanin and M. N. Saidi (2021). The durum wheat NAC transcription factor TtNAC2A enhances drought stress tolerance in Arabidopsis. Environmental and Experimental Botany 186: 10.
Yacoubi, I., K. Hamdi, P. Fourquet, C. Bignon and S. Longhi (2021). Structural and Functional Characterization of the ABA-Water Deficit Stress Domain from Wheat and Barley: An Intrinsically Disordered Domain behind the Versatile Functions of the Plant Abscissic Acid, Stress and Ripening Protein Family. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22(5): 25.


Ben Hsouna, A., R. Ben Saad, I. Trabelsi, W. Ben Romdhane, F. Brini and R. Ben Salah (2020). A novel Triticum durum Annexin 12 protein: Expression, purification and biological activities against Listeria monocytogenes growth in meat under refrigeration. Microbial Pathogenesis 143: 8.
Ben Hsouna, A., T. Ghneim-Herrera, W. Ben Romdhane, A. Dabbous, R. Ben Saad, F. Brini, C. Abdelly and K. Ben Hamed (2020). Early effects of salt stress on the physiological and oxidative status of the halophyte Lobularia maritima. Functional Plant Biology 47(10): 912-924.
Ben Saad, R., W. Ben Romdhane, A. Ben Hsouna, W. Mihoubi, M. Harbaoui and F. Brini (2020). Insights into plant annexins function in abiotic and biotic stress tolerance. Plant Signaling & Behavior 15(1): 4.
Ben Saad, R., W. Ben Romdhane, W. Mihoubi, A. Hsouna and F. Brini (2020). A Lobularia maritima LmSAP protein modulates gibberellic acid homeostasis via its A20 domain under abiotic stress conditions. Plos One 15(5): 16.
Ben Saad, R., W. Ben Romdhane, N. Zouari, A. Ben Hsouna, M. Harbaoui, F. Brini and T. Ghneim-Herrera (2020).
Characterization of a novel LmSAP gene promoter from Lobularia maritima: Tissue specificity and environmental stress responsiveness. Plos One 15(7): 22.
Hamdi, K., F. Brini, N. Kharrat, K. Masmoudi and I. Yakoubi (2020). Abscisic Acid, Stress, and Ripening (TtASR1) Gene as a Functional Marker for Salt Tolerance in Durum Wheat. Biomed Research International 2020: 10.
Koubaa, S. and F. Brini (2020). Functional analysis of a wheat group 3 late embryogenesis abundant protein (TdLEA3) in Arabidopsis thaliana under abiotic and biotic stresses. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 156: 396-406.
Soilhi, Z., H. Trindade, S. Vicente, S. Gouiaa, H. Khoudi and M. Mekki (2020). Assessment of the genetic diversity and relationships of a collection of Mentha spp. in Tunisia using morphological traits and ISSR markers. Journal of Horticultural Science & Biotechnology 95(4): 483-495.
Yacoubi, I., D. Nigro, R. Sayar, K. Masmoudi, Y. W. Seo, F. Brini, S. L. Giove, G. Mangini, A. Giancaspro, I. Marcotuli, P. Colasuonno and A. Gadaleta (2020). New insight into the North-African durum wheat biodiversity: phenotypic variations for adaptive and agronomic traits. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 67(2): 445-455.


Ayadi, M., F. Brini and K. Masmoudi (2019). Overexpression of a Wheat Aquaporin Gene, TdPIP2;1, Enhances Salt and Drought Tolerance in Transgenic Durum Wheat cv. Maali. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 20(10): 21.
Ben Hsouna, A., R. Ben Saad, N. Zouari, W. Ben Romdhane, F. Brini and R. Ben Salah (2019). Stress associated protein from Lobularia maritima: Heterologous expression, antioxidant and antimicrobial activities with its preservative effect against Listeria monocytogenes inoculated in beef meat. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 132: 888-896.
Ben Hsouna, A., S. Dhibi, W. Dhifi, R. Ben Saad, F. Brini, N. Hfaidh and W. Mnif (2019). Essential oil from halophyte Lobularia maritima: protective effects against CCl4-induced hepatic oxidative damage in rats and inhibition of the production of proinflammatory gene expression by lipopolysaccharide-stimulated RAW 264.7 macrophages. Rsc Advances 9(63): 36758-36770.
Ben Hsouna, A., M. Gargouri, W. Dhifi, R. Ben Saad, N. Sayahi, W. Mnif and W. Saibi (2019). Potential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of Citrus aurantium essential oil against carbon tetrachloride-mediated hepatotoxicity: A biochemical, molecular and histopathological changes in adult rats. Environmental Toxicology 34(4): 388-400.
Ben Hsouna, A., M. Gargouri, W. Dhifi and W. Saibi (2019). Antioxidant and hepato-preventive effect of Citrus aurantium extract against carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatotoxicity in rats and characterisation of its bioactive compounds by HPLC-MS. Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry 125(4): 332-343.
Ben Saad, R., M. Harbaoui, W. Ben Romdhane, N. Zouari, K. N. Giang, A. Ben Hsouna and F. Brini (2019). Overexpression of Triticum durum TdAnn12 gene confers stress tolerance through scavenging reactive oxygen species in transgenic tobacco. Functional Plant Biology 46(10): 885-895.
Ben Saad, R., H. Safi, A. Ben Hsouna, F. Brini and W. Ben Romdhane (2019). Functional domain analysis of LmSAP protein reveals the crucial role of the zinc-finger A20 domain in abiotic stress tolerance. Protoplasma 256(5): 1333-1344.
Bouazzi, H., K. Feki, F. Brini and W. Saibi (2019). Is duality between proline metabolic mutation (p5cs 1-4) and durum wheat dehydrin transgenic contexts a "pacemaker" for salt tolerance process in Arabidopsis thaliana? Acta Physiologiae Plantarum 41(3): 10.
Bouazzi, H., K. Feki, N. Zouari, M. Sahnoun, F. Brini and W. Saibi (2019). Causal Enzymology and Physiological Aspects May Be Accountable to Membrane Integrity in Response to Salt Stress in Arabidopsis thaliana Lines. Biomed Research International 2019: 13.
Boubakri, H., M. N. Saidi, F. Barhoumi, H. Kamoun, M. Jebara and F. Brini (2019). Identification and Characterization of Thioredoxin H-Type Gene Family in Triticum turgidum ssp. durum in Response to Natural and Environmental Factor-Induced Oxidative Stress. Plant Molecular Biology Reporter 37(5-6): 464-476.
Boukid, F., M. Dall'Asta, L. Bresciani, P. Mena, D. Del Rio, L. Calani, R. Sayar, Y. W. Seo, I. Yacoubi and M. Mejri (2019). Phenolic profile and antioxidant capacity of landraces, old and modern Tunisian durum wheat. European Food Research and Technology 245(1): 73-82.
Djemal, R. and H. Khoudi (2019). Combination of the endogenous promoter-intron significantly improves salt and drought tolerance conferred by TdSHN1 transcription factor in transgenic tobacco. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 139: 435-445.
Gouiaa, S. and H. Khoudi (2019). Expression of V-PPase proton pump, singly or in combination with a NHX1 transporter, in transgenic tobacco improves copper tolerance and accumulation. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 26(36): 37037-37045.
Koubaa, S., A. Bremer, D. K. Hincha and F. Brini (2019). Structural properties and enzyme stabilization function of the intrinsically disordered LEA_4 protein TdLEA3 from wheat. Scientific Reports 9: 11.
Safi, H., N. Belgaroui, K. Masmoudi and F. Brini (2019). Promoter of the wheat lipid transfer protein, TdLTP4, drives leaf-preferential expression in transgenic Arabidopsis plants. Functional Plant Biology 46(3): 275-285.
Sahnoun, M., S. Bejar, L. Daoud, L. Ayadi, F. Brini and W. Saibi (2019). Effect of Agave americana L. on the human, and Aspergillus oryzae S2 alpha-amylase inhibitions. Natural Product Research 33(5): 755-758.
Sellami, S., R. Le Hir, M. R. Thorpe, E. Aubry, N. Wolff, F. Vilaine, F. Brini and S. Dinant (2019). Arabidopsis Natural Accessions Display Adaptations in Inflorescence Growth and Vascular Anatomy to Withstand High Salinity during Reproductive Growth. Plants-Basel 8(3): 17.
Sellami, S., R. Le Hir, M. R. Thorpe, F. Vilaine, N. Wolff, F. Brini and S. Dinant (2019). Salinity Effects on Sugar Homeostasis and Vascular Anatomy in the Stem of the Arabidopsis Thaliana Inflorescence. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 20(13): 19.
Tounsi, S., K. Feki, Y. Kamoun, M. N. Saidi, S. Jemli, M. Ghorbel, C. Alcon and F. Brini (2019). Highlight on the expression and the function of a novel MnSOD from diploid wheat (T. monococcum) in response to abiotic stress and heavy metal toxicity. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 142: 384-394.
Tounsi, S., Y. Kamoun, K. Feki, S. Jemli, M. N. Saidi, H. Ziadi, C. Alcon and F. Brini (2019). Localization and expression analysis of a novel catalase from Triticum monococcum TmCAT1 involved in response to different environmental stresses. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 139: 366-378.
Kim S H, Kim D Y, Yacoubi I et Seo Y W (2019) Physiological and Genetic Responses of Salt-stressed Tunisian Durum (Triticum turgidum ssp. durum) Cultivars. Korean Journal of Crop Science. 63(4): 314-321.
Safi H, Wangorsch A, Lidholm J, Brini F, Spiric J, Rihs H P, Vieths S, Armentia A, Farioli L et Diaz‐Perales A (2019) Identification and molecular characterization of allergenic non‐specific lipid‐transfer protein from durum wheat (Triticum turgidum). Clinical & Experimental Allergy. 49(1): 120-129.

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