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Biomass Valorization and production of proteins in eukaryotes >> Presentation
We focus on three major objectives:

  • Production, biochemical and molecular studies, improvement of the performance of fungal enzymes to apply them in the valorisation of biomass in all its forms and in the improvement of industrial processes.
  • Expression of proteins of biotechnology and medical interest in bacteria, yeasts and fungi mainly to produce molecules with high added value.
  • Functional analysis of genes involved in human diseases including cancer.

Specific research objectives (as they appear in our research contract with our ministery of research):

  • Production, biochemical and molecular studies of enzymes: cellulases, hemicellulases (xylanases also say), pectinases, proteases, xylose reductase, lipase and tyrosinase.
  • Application of enzymes in various processes of biomass from plant, marine and animal origins.
  • Production, biochemical and molecular studies of the AFP (Anti Fungal Peptide) and its applications in plants and animals protection.
  • Development of efficient expression system in fungi, such as: Operating system fungal (in particular the constitutive mutant CT1) in the expression of proteins of interest.
  • Production of useful proteins in a heterologous context (mainly bacteria and yeast: Examples: enzymes mentioned above, the envelope proteins of hepatitis B, the tumor suppressor p53, the oncoprotein LMP1, thioredoxin and other proteins of biotechnological interest.
  • Production of antibodies, diagnostic kits and peptide antagonists.
  • Molecular studies and functional analysis of human genes involved in human diseases including cancer…