Fr Ar

Biomass Valorization and production of proteins in eukaryotes >> Socio Economical Impact
  •  Provide fungal enzyme (cellulases, pectinases, xylanases, proteases, lipases, peroxidases, tyrosinase) for the local industries to test them in the textile, food processing, paper, chemicals etc....
  • Apply our hydrolytic enzymes to enhance biomass valorisation of plant, animal or marine wastes.
  • Valuation of enzymes and products of marine origin.
  • Applying our antifungal AFP and the fungus beauveria in protection of plants and animals against fungi and insects.
  • Production of recombinant vaccines and proteins of medical and pharmaceutical.
  • Genetic counseling for patients and their parents and interaction with physicians in the region.
  • Popularization of science, education, supervision of students and industry, arranging open courses, arranging and attending meetings.