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Biomass Valorization and production of proteins in eukaryotes >> Fields Of Expertise

  • Molecular biology: extraction of informational molecules (DNA, RNA, proteins), Southern analysis, Northern Western, cloning into plasmids, phages and yeast plasmids, sequencing, PCR amplification, RT-PCR, cDNA library construction and genomic , transformation of bacteria, yeasts, fungi and animal cells, functional analysis in the transformants, 2D analysis, confocal microscopy, double hybrid system in yeast, differential display, phage display, mutagenesis, CGH, epigenetics, etc. ...
  • Biochemistry and enzyme engineering: extraction of enzymes, purification by conventional and modern chromatographic methods, fractional precipitation, assays of activities, kinetic parameters Km Vmax, inhibitors testing, the effect of physicochemical conditions, immobilization of enzymes, enzyme electrode, synthesis reaction, ccm, spectroscopic analysis, mass spectrometry, GC, HPLC, FPLC, isolation of biomolecules, etc. ..
  • Genetics and Microbiology: Isolation and cultivation of microorganisms, culture in liquid and semi solid culture in an Erlenmeyer flask and fermenter, fermentation modes (batch, fed batch), unitary operations (tangential filtration, lyophilization, spray, etc. .. .) analysis of polymorphisms and mutations, statistical analysis, isolation of mutants in microorganisms through random mutagenesis, cross of mutants, protoplast fusion, test of antifungals and antibiotics, etc. ..